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KidTalk compiles recordings of your child's talk to create a time capsule of their little voice that you can share with family!


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We are scientists who are studying how COVID-19 affects children’s learning environments. This research will help educators and policymakers support families during and after COVID-19.

KidTalk Language Scrapbooking is a FREE, family-friendly app created by a team of scientists and speech-language pathologists to promote parent-child interactions during COVID-19. We want to study the effects of social distancing and related policies on children’s learning. We invite you to participate in this study by using our app to create a language scrapbook - a collection of recordings of your child’s changing speech that you can keep. You can record anything you want, and we also provide fun photos and activity ideas. By anonymously sharing your scrapbook with scientists, you’ll help us learn how to better support children and families during and after the pandemic.

We take your privacy seriously. The consent form in the app describes our confidentiality. You can also read or listen to the consent form. Visit our privacy page for more information.

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This work is funded by the National Science Foundation

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