• The KidTalk Team

Survey Results: January 2021

Over 600 parents responded to our survey in January. Of these parents, just over half have school-aged children (the remaining parents only have children younger than kindergarten). Here, we'll summarize some preliminary findings based on parents of school-aged children attending in-person school (119 parents), fully online school (238 parents), and hybrid school (89 parents). We also received responses from 35 parents who are homeschooling their children and will report on those results when we have more responses from that group.

All three groups reported spending substantially more time on child care on a typical day compared to if there were no pandemic. However, parents whose children attend in person school did one hour less of additional child care compared to parents whose children attended hybrid or remote school, and there was not much difference between hybrid and fully remote instruction. Error bars show +/- 2 standard errors.

Recreational screen time is also up across the board, but these numbers are highest for children attending fully remote education, followed by those receiving hybrid instruction, followed by in-person instruction. The graph below shows parent report of how much extra recreational screen time their child had on a typical day, compared to what they would have gotten in the absence of a pandemic.

There are also many ways in which type of schooling does not have an effect on parents. Parents in all groups averaged less than 7 hours of sleep per night, and reported similar levels of worrying, happiness, and pandemic-related stress.

We asked parents to rate how worried they are (about covid, their family, health, finances, or anything else) and how happy they are, on a scale from 0 to 4. Results did not differ much between groups.

We also asked parents how stressed they are now, compared to how they think they would feel if there were no pandemic. They rated their relative stress on a scale of 0 to 10, where 5 indicated the same amount of stress as before the pandemic. 0 indicated much less stress than before, while 10 indicated much more than before. On average, parents are somewhat more stressed than they would be without a pandemic, and this did not differ much based on school type.

More to come soon!