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Language Scrapbooking Tip of the Day #13

Create an accordion-fold "My Story" book—an activity from the Planet Word Museum!

We talk a lot about the importance of reading with young children, but did you know that creating storybooks is also a great activity for building language and literacy skills?

Creating a book is an opportunity to talk about book-related vocabulary such as title, author, cover, and illustrator. Many great works of literature were created during quarantines, and here is your family's opportunity to add to that tradition!

  • Younger children can draw, scribble, or even add handprints to a book with washable paint! When talking about their scribbles, you can ask them what they "wrote" and then rewrite it underneath.

  • Older children may misspell words or ask you for help—what matters is that they are having fun with written language!

Check out the accordion-fold "My Story" activity from the Planet Word Museum!

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